The SaaS solution for your audit engagements!

DreamAudit is THE full web solution for external auditing. Manage all your files, wherever you want, whenever you want with an innovative, intuitive and reliable tool

DreamAudit is…

A 100% SaaS solution for your audit engagements

Manage all your work with our modules Audit Engagements and Charities (developed with HAT Group of Accountants - coming soon)


The power of SaaS

From a computer or a tablet, all you need is an internet connection to access your folders


Structured audit tasks

Follow the 5-step path for audit engagements on a clear and concise dashboard

DreamAudit dashboard
DreamAudit share

Easy live collaborative work with your team members

Give your team members access to your audit folders with different rights and share files with your clients securely.


All DreamAudit features!

Manage all your audit engagements with DreamAudit and gain precious time by automating many tasks.

100% SaaS

All you need is an internet connection to access your folders

DreamAudit sécurité


All your work is safely stored on encrypted servers with two-factor authentication, password protected folders and folder management

DreamAudit NEP

ISA Compliance

Regularly updated with the latest ISAs, specific audit approach compliant

DreamAudit collaborer

Live collaborative work

With your team members and clients

DreamAudit productif


Automate your entire audit engagement, Working paper Generation and Attached document storage for a structured audit engagement

DreamAudit formations


Online training with an auditor to become an expert on DreamAudit in just a few hours!

We like DreamAudit! It’s good to use, it looks good, all the team can log in independently and we know who’s doing what and we can allocate the work. Alors, we’re not getting lost in the files, « what did we do last? » Because there’s this little check-list, you can mark off what’s relevant, what’s not relevant and they update it on a constant basis, so as the regulations change and there’s more pressure comes on the auditors, it’s just easy to use! We’re delighted we found it. Give it a shot!

Kevin Barry
Kevin Barry & Co, Ireland

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DreamAudit is a solution developed by French software editor Gest On Line

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