5 reasons to check-out Cloud-Based auditing software

The current pandemic is challenging for everyone and is pushing us to all think about our present working habits. How can I share files online securely and should I even be sending client information by email with the current increased risk of cyber security? It’s a time for us all to mediate how we operate and likewise for us to move with the times and make important changes. Increased automation is removing the dull day-to-day tasks and Cloud software is proving that technology is changing finance making it easier for teams and clients to collaborate remotely. And such technology is changing how decisions are being made.

With all this in mind Gest On Line has put together 5 key reasons as to why moving to DreamAudit, their cloud-based auditing software is more important than ever.

  1. Protect your clients’ data

    1. There’s no question about it, the right cloud-based audit software must be 100% secure in order to guarantee data-protection for both the client and the auditor.
  1. Forget long email trails and collaborate efficiently

    1. Are you managing a big team? No problem, with cloud-based auditing you can chat, share, assign tasks and much more to an unlimited amount of users. You can even share your folders with CFO’s and bookkeepers where they can comment and exchange with you. With DreamAudit, discussing with your clients and staff has never been easier by using the chat box, the shared file section and, if you don’t get a response, DreamAudit will even send an automatic email update to your colleague.
  1. Have a tidy desktop and desk

    1. Forget about those sheets of paper you have piled up on your office desk or your unorganised laptop drive or USB keys. With cloud-based auditing you can store privately or share with your clients/colleagues, all your files from one safe place on the secure cloud server.
  1. Reduce the risks of errors

    1. With DreamAudit, the Audit engagement has been broken down into 5 key stages, so you can have a precise overview over each step, every step of the way. This structure allows all users to fulfil audit engagements in a structured order and with the same audit approach. You can even customise your audit engagements with customisable questionnaires…
  1. Work easily from home

    1. Remote auditing did you say? Absolutely ! Any computer or mobile device, anywhere can connect and use cloud-based auditing, so if you go on holiday and forget your laptop… No worries. You can easily connect to DreamAudit.com securely and safely.

So as uncertainty grows around new cloud-based auditing software, Why don’t you ask for a demo of DreamAudit today and explore how to navigate your organisation through turbulent times? With cloud-based auditing you can save time, collaborate efficiently and sit back and enjoy the audit.