The digital ecosystem is expanding rapidly and more and more companies are on the cusp of digital transformation, but what are the signs to know if your firm is ready to take the leap?

Of course, it’s a daunting thought for any firm looking to make radical changes because such happenings tend to come hand in hand with investment, and no we’re not talking about a cash investment, we are talking about the man hours.

So knowing when to take the leap is a key factor to success where digital transformation of an audit firm is concerned.

Below Gest On Line have put together 5 key signs to know when your company is ready to transform their traditional audit firm into a top digital performer, so here we go.

  • Your teams are curious and are asking questions about the digital tools available

A digital shift can only be possible if everyone embarks on this journey, training is a necessity so make sure your chosen supplier has an e-learning platform available in order to facilitate and embrace this key decision.

  • Your competitors have already made the leap

That doesn’t necessarily mean you should be doing the same, but it’s important to be aware of how they are moving and it can also help with encouraging the more traditional auditor to embrace the change that is ahead of them.

  • You’re always too busy

If you or your colleagues are always running low on battery and never have time to focus on the nitty-gritty of the audit then this is a clear pointer that you need some digital automation within your firm.

  • Your clients are asking more and more questions about digital audit options

When your customers start talking about new tools and if you’re thinking about adopting them, it’s definitely time to take a look at your operational efficiency.

  • Your company have embraced working from home

If home-office is something your firm has embraced then the collaboration systems available in cloud software will radicalise the way you work remotely.

If you want to find out more about DreamAudit, our cloud-based auditing solution along with our digital e-learning platforms then please book a demo using this link here or take a look at our website. And remember, being future ready means having all of the cards on the table.