DreamAudit v1.2.0 – Release note

We are glad to present you the release note 1.2.0 of DreamAudit

New Developments

Working with your client

How were we doing back then ?

Designed by auditors, for auditors, the new collaborative feature will facilitate information exchanges with your clients, who can now create their account for free on DreamAudit.

Ask them to send you a contract, a receipt or any other document on DreamAudit. The received attachments are grouped in your paper clip, it’s easy.

Chat with your administrative contact directly through the dialog box. Any questions?

And we’ve saved the best for last : ask your client’s administrative contact to fill out a worksheet, and be notified when it’s done. You can then view their work and decide to integrate and merge their work, or not.

Messaging Service

Teamwork has never been so easy

Start a private conversation with any user assigned to your folder. Or chat with all of them together.

If your colleague hasn’t been able to see your message on DreamAudit, we’ll remind him with an email.

Summary of the Permanent Audit Folder

Coherent and structured

All the comments written in the permanent audit folder are now summarized.

The Accounts Receivable Subledger is now available

Third parties are in !

The Accounts Receivable Subledger is now available