Are you looking to move from a basic computerised audit tool to a full-web solution that can scale as your clients grow?

You’re perhaps concerned about the amount of cloud solutions that are available and wondering which option is the best? If you answered yes, then this article is definitely a “one to read”.

The technical possibilities offered in this digital age are without a doubt facilitating audit methodologies, audit standards and audit practices. They enable more added value to be delivered by the auditors, but are appropriate training platforms put in place to help teams adopt these new technologies once they have closed the deal?

During the digital shift, a lack of training in the workforce could have a massive impact on your firm’s productivity and this is where your audit software supplier can really add value and encourage a rapid shift within your firm to the digital audit.

We all know that the digital transformation is radically changing the accountancy profession; as we see more and more firms removing old-fashioned paper-based methods, and replacing them with full-web solutions. However, if the full-web audit solution is put in place within a company without accompanying the teams around the world with training then, operational efficiency could be on the line.

By providing training, audit firms can benefit from hints, tips and expert guidance on how to best take advantage of the full-web solution. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t need a little help once in a while! Gest On Line’s full-web solution (DreamAudit) for example has been designed by expert auditors and web developers and there is so much more to it than what meets the eye.  By fully understanding how new solutions work, you can massively improve processes and enable your auditors to generate better insight for your clients.

Here at Gest On Line we are proud to have an in-house e-learning platform for our clients, wherever they may be in the world, hosted on secure servers. We are able to help firms adopt the smart audit and accompany them in their digital transformation. So whether your firm is moving from paper or a computerised tool to full-web automation, Gest On Line can accompany you and provide real value to get you and your teams up and running.

Ludovic ASPA Gest On Line’s CEO states:

What’s great with DreamAudit, is that it is user-friendly. So for those tech savvy auditors, they can be up and running within minutes and for those who need more guidance, our e-learning platform and teams can get them up and running within hours.