Release Notes 2.5.0

What’s New on DreamAudit this June?

This June : 

  • Final Analytical Review
  • Addition of the ratios in the preliminary analytical review

Final Analytical Review

Compare your audited accounting data with the final accounting data. You can thus check the recommandations you gave to your clients have been taken into account and verify the potential new entries.

Ratios in the preliminary analytical review

In order to facilitate the processing of checklists the ratios in the Financial Statments have been added in.

And also…

  • Improvement of the adjusting entries tool : addition of “Suggested, Accepted, Recorded, Rejected” statuses
  • You can now import several versions of the accounting within the same fiscal year
  • Thanks to cross-referencing you can now crate a link between the accounts and worksheets
  • significants accounts  : accounts that exceed the materiality level have been introduced on the Risk Matrix and on leads sheets