Release Notes 2.7.3

What’s New on Dream Audit this July ?

Evolution of the PDF export

  • Addition of the cover page 
  • List of team members assigned working on the file
  • Addition of the table of contents
  • Clickable link to the section directly from the table of contents

Evolution of the “user feedback” section

  • Improvement of the user experience regarding the feedback window
  • Possibility to insert an attachment
  • Addition of information about helpdesk (phone number, price, opening hours)
  • Acknowledgement email replies

Disabling a user

  • Possibility to permanently delate a user if he/she doesn’t enter any comments in the files
  • Possibility to disable / reactivate a user

Technical update

  • Optimization of the saving of sheets with important risks
  • Optimization by half of the display of the tab of checklists
  • Optimization a large part of the application tabs
  • Optimization of PDF export :
    – the sheets are launched by group of 10 in order to avoid server overloads
    – removing the Amazon dependency (Lamba) on the PDF export
  • Optimization of the import of accounting entries :
    better management of delimiters
    removal of POD dependency
  • Implementation of statistic files (company image, file, etc.)

Evolutionary maintenance

  • Passage of the accumulated histogram of cash balance on the dashboard
  • Increasing of the maximum size of accounting entries to 130 Mb
  • Modification of the columns order during the mapping (importation) of accounting entries
  • Addition of the stakeholder “manager” in the contact details
  • Addition of .XLSX export for the closing entries tab
  • Saving of the filters on the closing entries tab and taking them into account in its PDF export
  • Addition of Tanzania currency
  • Addition of a function enabling to retrieve attachments from a file or an exercice on the functionality of the sheet import
  • Improvement of importing accounting entries in TSV/CSV format
  • Addition of an export function for supervised sheets in PDF
  • Addition of a function enabling to insert several files at the same time in the attachment zone
  • The accounting entries such as general ledger are now available for Monaco and Overseas Departments and Territories
  • Addition of 2 new fields “legal entity” and “legal form” for “Management” and “Capital” tabs of the Permanent Audit File
  • Addition of a new option enabling to update the tabs of the Permanent Audit File in relation to template
  • Addition of the possibility to validate adjusting entries without having imported the accounting data


Accouting profession maintenance

  • Addition of the 6090 section into the charts of accounts of CAC Societe and Association’s folder types
  • Addition of the 7080 section into the charts of accounts of CAC Societe and Association’s folder types
  • Updating the templates of the summary of the internal control and the audit plan ( CAC association & Société)
  • Updating the document “Auditor’s Report”


  • Progress : addition of validation status in work programs
  • Customized sheets : correction of the import of an Excel sheet
  • Order of comments in the risk summary tab
  • Improvement of a pdf display of the preliminary analytical review summary
  • Support of the semi-colon delimiters in .CSV import
  • Patch for the Copy/Paste function in summary tabs
  • Removal of duplicates in test of controls
  • Optimization of deletion regarding import of accounting entries from previous years
  • Patch for the display of the accounts in trial balance and extraction in the working papers regarding the centralizing accounts
  • Patch for calculation of the N/N-1 Variation
  • Optimization of the attachment display in the Permanent audit file pages
  • Patch for the Balance sheet Association tab in the Financial statements
  • Optimization of the cross-referencing on the opening of the worksheets
  • Patch for “500” error in checklists
  • Patch for the validation status when saving a sheet
  • Patch for the calculation on the “Capital” page in the Permanent Files.
  • Patch for the displaying of the YoY accounts in the balance
  • Patch for the configuration of budget and materiality levels pages
  • Formula patch for the “Balance Sheet” spreadsheet
  • Patch for the PDF generation error
  • Patch on the “Auditor’s Report”