The change that empowered auditors.

Are you in the midst of “the digital shift” within your cabinet and wondering if such changes will actually make you any more efficient? Are you wondering if all this hassle will even make you more agile when auditing your client? If you answered yes, then this article is for you … 

It’s fair to say that that amongst all the hustle and bustle, technological advancement within the audit sector has made a significant impact. Almost every auditor can still reference someone who hasn’t gone “paperless” yet or who can remember the floppy disk being useful so there is a long way to go in terms of adopting these new solutions however those who have, will never look back. 

Gone are the days when auditors are tethered to their desks, the new digital hub gives the auditor the freedom to work wherever they want with the cloud-based environment. The latest buzz of financial technology means that auditors can work in real-time using data and smart automation all whilst analysing risks securely for their clients. Another key element is that such tools now support and integrate the changes of the future meaning that they are 100% agile which essentially avoids adding extra work complexity on to an auditor’s already busy workload. 

However, audit-related technology is growing faster than ever and evolving everyday, so as this digital change speeds up make sure you are following suit. If you are looking to switch to a cloud-based technology why not check out our solutions online available at: